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Programme Offerings

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For Corporates

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Employee burnout, stressed and trauma burdened individuals, lack of appetite to excel, emotional exhaustion? You are not alone. Organisations across the globe are facing similar challenges within as a fallout of the lockdowns and pandemic panic.


Mindfulness can help reduce stress, anxiety, and conflict with a counter effect of increase in resilience, and emotional intelligence. This leads to improvement in communication in the workspace.

For Educational Institutions

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Teacher retention becoming challenging? Stressed? Emotionally distraught? Unable to connect with students and peers? Lost one’s passion to teach?


Mindfulness offers strategies that will help the educator overcome impediments that have arisen in the minds of those in the classroom due to various lockdowns and isolations, thus rediscovering an atmosphere of learning and fun.

For Healthcare Professionals


Pressure in handling beyond one’s capacity? Stressed out with waves of ill health around you? Burnt-out? Lost your initial passion for your profession? Emotionally fatigued? 


Mindfulness techniques enable such professionals to navigate the stressful hospital environment, provides an opportunity for wellbeing, brings about a change in lifestyle, works through one’s thoughts and emotions, helps rediscover one’s calling, peace and that which gives joy.

For Individuals

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Stressed? Unable to handle situations and pressure? Struggling to connect and relate with others?


Mindfulness techniques are designed specifically to help individuals in managing their emotions, reduce stress levels, enhance their ability to deal with daily pressure situations, improve general health and find more meaning and joy in their lives.

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