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Pressure in handling beyond one’s capacity? Stressed out with waves of ill health around you? Burnt-out? Lost your initial passion for your profession? Emotionally fatigued? 

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Mindfulness techniques enable such professionals to navigate the stressful hospital environment, provides an opportunity for well-being, brings about a change in lifestyle, works through one’s thoughts and emotions, helps rediscover one’s calling, peace and that which gives joy.


MINDinSight can work with you bring back your passion for your work, joy, and peace in stressed times, and more so rejuvenate the body, soul, and mind.


To journey you through to well-being, some of our course offerings are:

  • Resilience for Healthcare workers

  • Mindful Selfcare for Healthcare workers

  • Mindful Self-compassion for Nurses

  • Micro-practices that can be practiced in their normal routine by physicians to prevent burnout, boost wellness 

Contact us to understand what best suits you and who will benefit.
Do note that these courses can be in either the physical or virtual format.

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