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How to make better decisions using Mindfulness

We all want to be successful in our lives by making the right choices. Right from the time we wake up in the morning to the time we go to bed, we are surrounded by a plethora of options. Most of the time we go about our daily routine in an auto-pilot mode, and we don’t even realize we are taking decisions without sparing too much thought towards the outcome. When we face ‘dilemma like’ situations in our work and personal lives, which could impact us in a big way, we want to take those decisions which work best for us. For some of us our coping mechanism is to lean towards our family, colleagues, and friends who we look up to, for help. However, the best decisions are often the ones we take ourselves. Mindfulness is a methodology that helps us access that ‘wise core’ within us that could help us make the most appropriate choice in our lives.

Here are a few steps that will help you in your decision-making.

Pause: In our daily routine, we are often consumed with myriads of issues vying for our attention. It’s important that we put our complete attention and focus on the question we want an answer for. Go to a quiet place away from distractions. Put your electronic gadgets away. Take a couple of deep breaths and feel the sensation of the breath in your body. Allow your mind and body to relax as you settle into the moment.

Focus on the question: When I was writing my 10th grade Board exams, my English teacher gave me the best tip – read each question twice before you start answering the question. I have remembered this tip till date.

It’s important that we define the question first. Sometimes the question needs to be defined from a broader perspective and then rephrased. When we are relaxed and in the moment, we create a spaciousness which then allows us to frame the appropriate question. Asking the right questions opens up the possibilities for solutions that are creative and point you in the right direction.

Reflect: Once you are relaxed and comfortable in your space and the question is defined, it’s time for reflection. Allow the answers to surface without putting in efforts and remaining open and curious. Pay attention to the sensations in the body with each solution that comes to you. The right solution will always feel right in your body. There was a client of mine who was doing exceedingly well in her business. However, her business partner wanted to withdraw from the business, and she was left in the lurch. She had the other option of going back to her corporate job. Working with her, I allowed her to feel the right answer for herself through the sensations that she felt in her body. She looked immensely relieved after she received her answers from her own inner wisdom. She realized that the situation had taught her ‘acceptance’ and ‘letting go’.

Depending on the situation, it may take more than one session to find your answers. Take your time as you gain more clarity about the situation. Learning to trust our feelings takes time and slowly but surely you will gain the confidence to take the decisions which work best for you.



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